Come Together for Each Other

The one thing about being an IRMAn is that we are one to give back. It’s just in us. And not without leaving an impact. At the IAA, we have many causes to support - alumni development, alumni in distress and IRMA.

  • Your Gift Matters
  • What to Give to
  • How to give

Your Gift Matters

Your support will enrich the lives of our alumni and students, and help maintain IRMA’s status as a world class institution.

The power we as alumni have in coming together and rising to the occasion is extraordinary. It’s counted on. Show your support today. Its impact on IRMA and the alumni community will be felt for many years to come.

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Your Gift Matters
What to Give to

What to Give to

Alumni Development Fund

You may want your contribution used where it will do the most good. For that, you can give to the Alumni Development Fund. When you give to our Alumni Development Fund, we will utilize your gift wherever it’s needed most. Maybe it will help a student program. Or support a career networking program. Or educational enrichment. There are many worthwhile programs that can use your gift at various times during the year. And this is the perfect way to make them the best they can be.

Alumni Relief Fund

Recognizing that individuals, including IRMAns, may experience financial challenges caused by uncontrollable life events, IAA has set aside a corpus for emergency assistance. Through this reserve, IAA will support any IRMAn or IRMAn’s family in need in case of a contingency.

How to give

Your generosity will help to improve the lives of alumni, as well as bring the best students to IRMA, regardless of socio-economic standing.

You may make your contribution online or by mail. Before you begin, please select which fund you would like to give to. For more information, please email iaaec@irma.ac.in. Thank you again for giving back to the IRMA alumni family.

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