IRMAns in Distress Fund



Several IRMA Alumni work in small voluntary agencies, co-operatives and in remote places and on economic returns that are not really lucrative. Several others might be working on their own or might not have the organisational backing in case of a major health related or catastrophic
event happens in their life.




The objective of the fund is to help IRMAns in distress. To start with, the fund will be limited:

  • To all the members of the IRMA Alumni Association Irrespective of where they are working and what their current status might be. This excludes spouses and family members of the alumni)

  • To provide support for IRMANS having major downturns in their lives where their capacity to continued earning for their livelihood is at stake

  • To provide support for IRMANS who may have to suffer a long duration of loss of income due to extended period of costly health related treatment.


Demand draft / Cheque


Please send contributions to the Alumni Distress Fund by cheque / DD in favour of "Institute of Rural Management Anand" Payable at Anand.

Contributions can be sent to

Alumni coordinator
Institute of Rural Management
Anand 388001

Please ensure that there is a cover letter that states that the contribution is for the fund, your name, batch number and address, so that a receipt can be issued. (It might be good to put this on the back of the cheque also) This will help IRMA in tracking the amounts and maintaining it separately.


Net transfer


ACCOUNT NO----00850101265
IFSC Code ---- ICIC0000085


International transfer


Name of Correspondence Bank: JP, MORGAN CHASE, NEW YORK
Account No.: 001-1-427374 USD
SWIFT Address/FED ABA (USD) or Sort Code (GBP) or BSB No. (AUD) or IBAN No. (EUR): "CHASUS33XXX/FED ABA 021000021"
Beneficiary Name: Institute of Rural Management, Anand (IRMA), India
Beneficiary Account No.: 008501012659

Before any transfer !

It is essential that as and when money is transferred, you inform accounts department at IRMA. The following information would be helpful

  1. Name of the contributor

  2. Originating Bank

  3. Amount

  4. Date of Transfer.

Write to (Directors office) , Mahendra Patel , Accounts officer at , Alpesh Mcwan Alumni office at

The mail would be used by the Alumni office for appropriating the contributions to the Distress Fund. The above mentioned information is important else the money you transfer might go to general pool of IRMA. Once it is in the general pool, you are not sure what purpose it might be used for.


Act of faith


Mon Jan 23, 2006

When I was talking to Prof Vaswani regarding the release of distress fund to Raghav's family, I was pleasantly surprised to know that the balance in the fund was nearly 3L, even after the disbursals. Apparently Mr. Bhandari returned the Rs.1 Lakh disbursed to him after his recovery. This has been an extremely honest and kind gesture and Bhandari did not even make a mention of it in the groups. I am personally deeply touched by this gesture and would like to place on record my deep gratitude for showing such magnanimity and sure enough this would come in handy for somebody else who might need it. I really do not know Bhandari, but if somebody could send me his email Id, I would like to personally thank him for this gesture. This act of Bhandari renews the faith in the community feeling of IRMAns and I hope we will continue to have it.

Prof Sriram


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