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nDimensions is an International Development and Political Consulting start-up firm in India that promotes meaningful change to help people live economically more productive and healthier lives in the developing countries. We undertake complex research-led mandates on behalf of clients to design and implement their projects. A recent book “Connect the Dots” by IIMA alum and best-selling author describes us as Junooni people, driven by a passion to change the way politics and development are done in India.

Job Description

We are looking for an Associate (title flexible) from one of the top-tier MBA schools to join our team for design and management of projects in the development consulting practice of the firm. You need to be someone passionate about the development sector and planning a career in the sector. Past experience in the sector will surely make your resume glow.

You will be doing a lot of stuff, but the primary project for which you will be hired has been sponsored by a reputed Social Venture Capital firm and the world’s leading multilateral private investment organization. Objectives of the project include studying and understanding the market size and dynamics of social enterprises in two of the under-developed states of India to identify the key players and programs that provide support to, and encourage social enterprises in those states. This study would lead to recommendations on how to make the economic environment more conducive and the exact structure of the support structures which could be established by the sponsors of the project. Another main object of the project will be to conduct preliminary due-diligence of the identified social enterprises and build the investment pipeline for the Social VC firm involved in those states.


* Define and maintain project roadmap.
* Communicate ideas with mockup equivalents, build consensus for your ideas and make sure your ideas are being executed in a timely fashion
* Define and measure success metrics. Communicate progress (or no progress) to the team and the client on real-time.


* Junooni: Change the world attitude (backed up commitment shown so far on your resume)
* Jugaadoo: You find a way to get things done no matter what. If your field surveyor is busy/absent you'll get survey done; if the Govt employee you have to deal with is not in office, you will find and reach his home; if you don't have a QA team you'll test our software deployments too.
* Technical: You're not afraid to use the complex legal jargon; talk about structuring of investment instruments; discuss variety of topics like public health, poverty alleviation, politics and economic development as.
* Comfortable working in an environment where ideas are thought of, described, and executed within a short span
* Results-driven and organized: You care more about winning than what your friends think of you, and create order from chaos in your work i.e. you can organize processes and work flows whenever necessary but you don't fix what's not broken.

Desired Qualifications

* MBA from IIM (A/B/C/L), ISB or equivalent, or Post Graduate degree in Social Entrepreneurship or Rural Management.
* 1-5 years of experience in the development sector. We will consider the rare fresh grad who has a hardcore get-it-done attitude (and proof of this on their resume) or similar lateral hires (e.g. ex-Army)

Few more bits about us:

* We're profitable, which makes us pretty much the opposite of your typical startups but we are stingy so don’t expect luxurious trips.
* We're a very small head-office team managing large field teams
* We have and do all the typical startup stuff (Spartan office, crazy books, jeans and t-shirt as office wear, etc).
* You will be based out of our office in Gurgaon, and the salary will be as per the profile of the candidate.
* Our web presence: and

If interested, contact us ASAP at:

Saurabh Vyas:

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