Memoirs of Pune alumni meet held on 7th July 2012

The Alumni at Pune met in the evening of 7th July 2012 at Jayaram Dingankar's place. A unique feature of Pune Alumni Meets is that many of them have been hosted meets. Hosted by alumni at their residence. This meet was another in a series of such meetings. The following alumni

Hitesh Sharma
Meher Gadekar
Col Prakash Joshi
Shekhar Sinha
Archana Singh
Richie Agrawal
Siddharth Kumar
Ashish Kumbhare

From Mumbai:
Uday Kagal
Ravikant Tirki

Besides these alumni participants, spouses & children of alumni also joined in. . The meet began over the customary drinks and kababs, which helped in loosening tongues. After an initial round of introduction, Meher requested Uday, who had specially come over from Mumbai, to elaborate on his idea of the "Khadi Business School". Alumni will remember an earlier post by Uday on the Khadi Business School a few days ago. There was active CP by all Irmans, with Ajit (an Irma-jamai) taking the cake for CP, with top TRP
ratings. Besides this, there was a lot of catching up to be done, both atthe professional and the personal levels. Some of the non-Pune alumni who featured in the conversations were (in no particular order): Vinay Raj, Gouthami, Shankar Narayanan & Suhas Kolhe.

After a while, since the meet had gathered momentum and the gyan being propounded started to run in torrents, the meet shifted to the terrace. By this time Shekhar Sinha & Hitesh Sharma, both of whom were caught up with some pre-occupations, reached the venue. A bonfire was lit, and everybody sat in a circle around it. The witty one-liners and profound *sher*s had to be heard to be adequately appreciated. There was a suggestion for songs and the following songs were sung:

Siddhartha: Chori se chori chup chup ke re...
Archana: Rehte the kabhi jinke dil me...
Jayaram: Jab koi baat bigad jaaye..
Meher: Pyar humen kis mod pe le aaya

The inimitable Shekhar danced to "Nain lad jaye hai to munwa ma kasak hoi bekari" and also to "kajraa re, kajraa re, tere kaare kaare nainaa" Towards the end, Meher hummed a few lines of "Chaand jab nikalaa, magar tum na aaye", and of course the moon was in the sky, a witness to this melodious song. Picture attached.

By then it was approaching 11.30 pm and somebody reminded the participants about food. So reluctantly everybody trooped down and enjoyed a wonderful dinner of jowar roti, bharli vaangi, aalu-cauliflower subji, koshimbir (a marathi item, fusion of a salad & raita), green chutney, masala rice, butter chicken, and rounded off with gulab jamuns. For the next meet, tentatively scheduled for Sept/Oct, two options were discussed. One was to book a club/hotel, and the other was to take on Ajay Shastry's offer of
hosting it. The possibility of piling on for a meet with one-or-two alumni who did not attend, after confirming, was also discussed. By this time, the clock was inching towards 12.30 am and it was time to depart, for all good things do come to an end. After saying good-byes and promises to be in touch (promptly forgotten the next day!), everybody left.

On the way back, I remembered songs which ought to have been sung, and how we should have ended the singing with "Chalte Chalte, mere ye geet yaad rakhna".

All in all, an extremely enjoyable and memorable evening. Thanks a ton to Jayaram and his family for hosting it.

Meher Gadekar

PS: Pune alumni: pl add anything I may have missed.


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