Campus Infrastructure

Book ETDC Accommodation

While on a personal visit to Anand, you can stay at the serene campus, which was once your home. You can avail the beautiful and well-maintained rooms of ETDC, at a subsidised price subject to availability. You are advised to book the rooms at least two days in advance, as the rooms may be sometimes occupied by MDP candidates. You can book an ETDC room by filling up the form.

If you are invited by the institute for an official purpose, the ETDC room is usually pre-booked free of cost. However, you may still intimate IRMA about your room booking request by filling up the form. After submitting the form, you will receive a response from iao@irma.ac.in / etdc@irma.ac.in typically within 3-4 working days.

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You can also use the wi-fi facility while on campus, by filling out the form. After submitting the form, you will receive a response from iao@irma.ac.in / systems@irma.ac.in typically within 3-4 working days.

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Sports Activity Centre (SAC)

While on campus, you can also use the Sports Activity Centre (SAC), subject to availability. The Sports Activity Centre (SAC) has a badminton court, table tennis, basketball court, a billiard and pool table, football/cricket grounds and a children’s play area. Please follow the rules of the respective areas.

Note: Alumni should bring their own sports accessories such as rackets, balls, shuttlecocks, etc. Please wear non-marking shoes when using the badminton or basketball courts. IRMA is not responsible for any accidents and other consequential issues arising out of the use of the Recreation Centre facilities.

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IRMA Students’ Mess

You can cherish the food at the IRMA Students’ Mess by paying a nominal charge for the food and beverages taken. A separate register is provided at the mess to log in your details. The payment needs to be made in cash immediately after availing the facility. It is advised to intimate the Mess Committee beforehand by sending a mail to messcommittee@irma.ac.in or fill up the prescribed form.

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  • Library:

    While on campus, you have access to the rich academic resource base housed in the Ravi J Mathai, Memorial Library. While books, journals and magazines cannot be borrowed, they can be perused while at the library. There is a special Director’s Corner and IRMA Publication corner which show cases the recent research papers published.

  • Photocopying/Printing Services:

    The charge for printing or photocopying is Rs.2 per A4 sheet. This charge is applicable only for printing/ photocopying of articles from academic journals, magazines or books.

    Printing or photocopying of reference materials such as company profiles, market intelligence and industry trends, data and analyst reports from various sources will carry a charge of Rs.1,000 per report plus courier and handling charges as applicable. Soft copies of the materials will not be provided.

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Management Development Programme (MDP)
  • The Management Development Programme (MDP) is a much sought after training program at IRMA that addresses the training needs of executives and managers working in co-operatives, not-for-profit organisations, and government and semi-government organizations. Alumni too can leverage MDPs to improve their managerial acumen by attending such short term courses conducted by IRMA’s eminent faculty.
  • Alumni too can avail MDPs at a subsidised price vis-à-vis non-alumni participants. The MDP calendar is published on IRMA’s website (https://irma.ac.in/imdp/mdpcalendar.php) along with an application form and payment process.
  • To avail the discount, please contact iaaec@irma.ac.in.
Workshops and Seminars

The IRMA Alumni Office iao@irma.ac.in regularly sends out communication to alumni about workshops and seminars that alumni can participate in. Write back to them in case you are interested in attending any of them.